Saga of the Scalesworn

Shadow Over Saddlegap: Part Three

A Town Ablaze

With no time to rest, the Scalwsworn rush back to find kobolds swarming the town. They have torches and spears, determined to burn Saddlegap to the ground. While most are hurling firebrands at vulnerable houses, others are sacking the village square.

Saddlegap’s town guard, what few are left, are pinned down to the north, fighting a holding action against another group of the savage little beasts. They are keeping the village from being even more overrun but as the Scalesworn approach, it is clear they cannot stand much longer. Without help, Saddlegap is doomed.


Fortunately for the wounded, weary scions of D’acharn, there are fewer kobolds to deal with here. They quickly storm through their closest foes, advancing into the village square and rescuing what townsfolk they can.

Several building have erupted like tinder. Two homes and the town’s only temple – a wooden chapel dedicated to Lathander – are almost completely engulfed in flames. Torn between killing the humanoids plaguing the town and keeping Saddlegap from falling to ruin, the Scalesworn split their forces and tackle both tasks even though separating leaves them all vulnerable to attack.


Quick thinking and clerical aid save a lot of lives.

The last few kobolds prove to be a tougher fight, especially one-on-one. This is because they are actually goblins, dressed in identical armour and even skin-painted to resemble the scaled menaces they were fighting beside.

Hard fight or no, they fall to the Scalesworn. With the last of the raiders slain and the villages rescued, the battle is over. There is only a short time available for rest, however, as there could be more of the wretches back in those caves.

In the morning, up before dawn, the Scalesworn rouse themselves and head back out into the woods along the kobold’s trail. Their passage is not hard to follow as the horde of humanoids were making no attempt to be stealthy. The path leads back to the caves the Scalesworn found before but after an exhaustive search, the whole covern complex proves to be empty.

The females and children have all been evacuated out a back tunnel, leaving very little behind. The only thing of note in the caves is a crude altar under a painting of a hydra on the rock wall behind it.


After discovering a single set of armoured human boot prints among the tracks of the evacuated kobolds and goblins, the Scalesworn decide to follow them. Too many questions remain, questions to which they have no answers. Why did the kobolds attack so boldly? Why were there goblins leading them, hiding among them? Why were the children supposed being sacrificed?

And more importantly, who is She?



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