Saga of the Scalesworn

Shadow Over Saddlegap: Part Two

Battle of Steeding Field

As the rancher family batten down and lock themselves in their home for safety, the Scalesworn move out to defend them. If this small army overruns them, there will be nothing to stop them from murdering the farmers and taking the children back. Grimly, they vow their lives against letting that happen.

Four against many, they mount a defense and hold the line against the advancing horde and their Goblin leader.


With a volley of magical frost and deadly arrows, the Scalesworn wither the approaching forces even as the Goblin reveals himself to be a deadly shaman with power over both earth and animal life. After transforming its hyena companion into a viciously dire beast, it bombards the Scalesworn with stones that rise up from the ground around it and hurtle with lethal force!

Weathering the rock storm, the Scalesworn manage to break the tide of scaled marauders and put them down while keeping their archers from burning down the farm house with flaming arrows. Though the battle is arduous, they have assistance from a hidden ally who begins to bring down those archers with deadly daggers from the shadows.


Once the line of archers is down, the Goblin Shaman flees its hilltop perch and moves to the cover of a tree to direct the rest of the battle. Unfortunately for it, both its dire hyena and the horde of kobolds at its command fall to the Scalesworn. In a flash of blades, it finds itself all alone and facing their wrath.

All alone and knowing its cover will not last long, the Goblin raises a horn to its lips and blasts a clarion call out into the night. Then it prepares to battle for its life.


Harrying by arrows and holy fire, the Shaman is finally felled by a pair of bladed hurled into its chest. Even as it drops, it looks up at the hidden rogue crouched on the hill where it had been. With its dying breath, it rasps, “My death is… meaningless. Your village… will burn… in tribute… to her.”

Before the Scalesworn can even rally to meet their new ally, the moonless dark is split by a sound back towards the village – an answering horn.

The assault on the farmhouse was only one half of the kobold’s force.

Saddlegap is under attack!



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