Saga of the Scalesworn

Azure Whispers: Part One

The Tale Turns South

Furhter investigation into Saddlegap’s troubles will have to fall on other agents of House D’acharn, it seems. Shortly after waking from their long night, the Scalesworn receive orders to head north to Neverwinter. Assured that someone else will come to pick up here, their orders allow for no delay.

They do agree, much to the relief of the beleaguered town, to take the Sheriff’s offer of a mercenary contract to Neverwinter with them. That way the town will at least have a little protection until the Scalesworn’s master can get a new agent here to investigate.

Once in Neverwinter, the Scalesworn spent several days training in the best of accommodations. Every professional guild was open to them, the D’acharn Trading House a well-respected enough name to unlock a lot of doors. Even the city’s ruler, Lord Neverember, was willing to forgo the guilds’ normal waiting periods on licenses and admission.

With their skills honed and their gear replenished, the Scalesworn receive their next order – to board a ship named the Cagliastra and sail to Port Vryse in Amn. Normally, they get much more than this in their instructions but these orders come with an explanation for that. The normal procedure has somehow been compromised. Until the matter is resolved, instructions will be coming from new sources and only on a step by step basis.

They sail to Amn on the Cagliastra, a ship with serious hidden firepower and advanced rigging. The vessel turns out to be a privateer with letters of Marque from nations all along the Sword Coast. With four masts and a figurehead of a woman surrounded by flowing mist, the ship is a beautiful example of Waterdhavian wheelwright design.


The Scalesworn get to see the Cagliastra ply her trade with a trio of pirate cutters try to intercept them. Between chain shot from the cannons, manoeuvreability, and a wizard at her wheel, the ‘Cag’ annihilates all three rogue ships before any can even get close enough to board them.

The Scalesworn arrive in Amn safe and sound. From Port Vryse, they receive new orders to head inland for their next message drop. This time, it will be at a trading post along the way to the nation’s capital city, Athkatla. Warned that someone has already intercepted a messenger from their Master, the Scalesworn approach the trading post carefully.

This caution proves to be a good idea as they spot a man watching the road they were supposed to be using. They managed to evade him for a time but he saw them entering the in where they were looking for their new contact, Zefir.

Following the spy, the Scalesworn’s rogue trails him across the street to a rooftop where the man meets with a second cowled agent. This one, taller and broader built, seems to be in charge. They converse for a short time and then the taller man writes a short note, attaching it to the foot of a hawk. He releases it into the air…

…and the Scalesworn Rogue brings it down with a pair of thrown daggers. What follows after this is a black comedy of errors with the two unknown agents trying to get a message sent away via bird and the Scalesworn stopping their every attempt. The end result is a burned down post house, a lot of dead birds, one agent dead and the other trapped, fighting for his life to avoid being captured.

This agent turns out to be a full blooded orc with grey skin and well-honed martial arts skills. He nearly makes short work of the Scalesworn despite their numerical advantage before finally taking a dagger through one eye directly into his brain. Lurching, he drops dead at their feet.

Unfortunately for the Scalesworn, a red tattoo then burns its way through his leather vestment and he explodes just like the hidden saboteurs in Saddlegap. Though all the Scalesworn survive the blast, the fire claims any evidence or clues as to the agents or their business here. All evidence, that is, except the postal tender that also manages to survive the night’s events.

From him, they find out the message they intercepted.


After using a triptych key found on the first agent, the Scalesworn manage to decypher the coded name. ‘Kalryysa’.

Once the smoke clears, they also manage to catch up with Zefir and receive the rest of their orders. Caravans from Athkatla have been getting raided on their way to Port Vryse. All reports seem to indicate this is the work of a blue dragon, something their Master wants them to investigate immediately. Though they are cautioned to avoid any engagement with dragons at this time, the Scalesworn are given leave to do as they see fit to uncover the truth behind these attacks.

After a night to recover, they set off on the road south, their mission clear…



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