Saga of the Scalesworn

Unquiet Night: Part One

Of Trades and Tragedy

Among the grateful Skyborn, the Scalesworn find rest and relaxation for a few days. They heal their wounds and receive a small tattoo signifying their honorary admission into the tribe they saved. As demanded by Skyborn tradition, each of the Skyborn is taken aside, educated in a few basic words of the Sky-tongue, and given a flagon of ‘Stinger’ to drink.

After lapsing into a pleasant drunken coma, they awaken with their new tattoos and a rightful place as Crawlers, the lowest rank within the Skyborn. A few even receive gifts as befits their skills; arrows and javelins enchanted through tribal magic to become bolts of lightning.

Once the revelry passes, the Scalesworn are given one last boon – a wyvern ride anywhere within a day’s flight. This distance allows them to take an aerial trip all the way to Baldur’s Gate, a coastal city with a full D’acharn Trading House. This allows them to return home, find an excellent inn recommended by a friendly guard, and stay at the ready for any new missions that may come their way.

They do get contacted but not with any specific mission. They are simply told to stay available and remain close to the house for work. Work finds them quickly enough. The D’acharn Caravan has arrived outside the city walls and is setting up for a seasonal bazaar.


Guard work is nothing new to the Scalesworn and they settle into is quickly. What is new is the revelation of a serious rivalry between the D’acharn Caravan Boss and one of his competitors. This rival caravan has been a thorn in the man’s side for years, constantly skirting the legal line of harassment and taking advantage at every opportunity. The rival Boss has gotten away with this abuse for a long time.

But that was before the Scalesworn arrived. In a wave of minor pranks, subtle thievery, reverse harassment, and food-related defilement, the rival boss is socially destroyed and his entire caravan packs up and slinks away before any further himiliation can befall him. Needless to say, the Scalesworn earn a much-deserved bonus for their service.

Unfortunately, that is where the levity and celebration end. They receive word through the City Watch that the friendly guard they met on the way into trown has been slain. His murder is the latest in a series of killings taking place late at night in the darker streets of Baldur’s Gate. Until now, all the victims have been visitors and strangers to the city. This is the first time a citizen, much less a guardsman, has been killed.

Wishing to avenge the guard, the Scalesworn agree to investigate and set out into the night. The shadows run dark and deep in Baldur’s Gate as the hours grow long. Whatever monster lurks within them, it is sure to be a threat unlike anything the Scalesworn have ever seen…




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